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And these ideas can be put into practice immediately by anyone. Surely I could salvage a discarded bike and re-purpose it?Walking past a bike shop in Leicester one day, I popped in to ask where I might find such a thing.And by a round of drinks, I specifically mean £25.17. But that’s not where I found the bicycle that became my no-budget tourer.(Three pints, two glasses of red, and a G&T – or thereabouts.) Later, I’m going to take this further by cycling across an entire country for even less. This experiment was carried out alongside my normal daily life, and did not require any special knowledge, nor any major outlays of time or energy. I needed a starting point sooner than it would take for a suitable bike to simply turn up.Sure enough, I found a code for £10 worth of free stuff!

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I pictured some hapless student returning to his locked-up bicycle one day, finding the front wheel nicked and abandoning it to the whim of the city council — who would cut the lock and take it to the tip.

), as well as a rear pannier rack, a kickstand, a rear-view mirror, and a significantly more comfortable saddle than the bike’s existing one.

The rack didn’t want to fit the frame at first; the mounting points didn’t line up.

More often than not, people are glad to see unloved and relatively worthless items going to a better home.

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(Especially just after Christmas.) Running total: £17.74 I was just a pair of grips and pedals short of a complete bicycle when I got an email from a family friend asking for some help ordering bike parts online.Running total: (still) £17.74 One day, an email came through from a nearby Freecycle group advertising a “box of bike stuff” that was no longer wanted.