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Amish may take a “wait and see” approach to see how a technology impacts another district. An Amish person may acquire a piece of forbidden technology, or openly flaunt church rules on dress or business activity.An Amish person may also commit acts more universally recognized as sin, such as cheating or adultery.As of 2004, membership was 114,510 in 685 congregations in the United States, with a worldwide membership of almost 325,000. Description of the book, from the back cover: --the authors identify and explore key biblical themes like forgiveness, faith, and repentance.An enthusiastic guide for the individual movie lover or small grouip, this resource contains production notes and film synopses, relevant Scripture texts, theological reflection, recommended video clips, discussion questions, and more. is a tremendous resource for those seeking light inside the cinema.With Catherine Barsotti, Johnston teaches a course each year to all new Young Life staff on how to think theologically about life and faith. Today, doctors such as Richard Trinity, a small-town general surgeon who serves on the World Mission Committee of our denomination, or pediatrician Jamie Knauss, who also teaches in the children's Sunday school program at our church, care for patients with humor and compassion.They also teach together in the area of film and theology. The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) is an Evangelical denomination with a Lutheran historical-theological background.The Amish, however, recognize deeper meaning in submitting to the , along with the practices of excommunication and shunning, are considered key factors in the high retention rate of the Amish church.

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Outsiders may see little sense in rules dictating everything from the cut of clothing one wears to the way one lights the home at night.

Excommunication is also known as being in the , or social shunning.

Even though an individual may be excommunicated, there is always the possibility of return.

Johnston, a married couple who are Evangelical Protestant theology teachers involved in various church ministries.

Barsotti enjoys weaving the two threads of economics and theology throughout her life.

“Upon repentance the relationship is restored and what is in the past stays in the past.” (Read more on Amish and shunning.)Just as society and technologies change, the in fact does change over time as well.

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