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He goes on to attend John Muir High School in Pasadena, graduating in 1972. Although he is left-handed for every other purpose, Michael Anthony plays bass right-handed.

Then, at Pasadena Community College, Roth meets Eddie Van Halen. Michael Anthony is born Michael Anthony Sobolewski on 20 June 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, U. From 1967 to 1974 Michael Anthony plays in a number of different bands: Poverty’s Children, Black Opal, Balls, and Snake.

David Lee Roth was now singing lead and they were playing original material…I joined…soon after.” Michael Anthony provides high backing vocals as well as his bass-playing to the group.

He is the son of Jan van Halen and his wife, Eugenia van Halen (nee Beers).“My parents bought me a guitar and they bought me a Silvertone amplifier,” recalls Alex Van Halen (yes, Alex Van Halen – not Eddie! “I was playing the thing but no matter what I tried it wouldn’t happen.