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” Sammy says as we tuck into a plate of barbecued maku (witchetty grubs) on a cultural tour of Anangu Country. And it’s not like there’s nothing else to do out here.Amid the dozens of other activity options on offer, Bruce Munro’s epic Field of Light exhibition was recently extended until the end of March 2018, and several new tours have already been launched this year.A Government-appointed valuer subsequently said the bank was worthless when it was nationalised, meaning Northern Rock shares had zero value and shareholders should get nothing in compensation The Northern Rock Small Shareholder Action Group has been fighting this ever since.While they accept that there is a risk that share value can go down as well as up, they say that the zero valuation was based on the “false assumption” that Northern Rock was in administration.The national park’s excellent Cultural Centre, where you can watch Anangu artists at work, is free to visit with your £14.40 park entry ticket, as is taking a stroll around the base of Uluru, where the mysterious tjukurpa come to life.For most visitors I meet on my visit, that’s enough.Under our traditional law, climbing is not permitted. Please don’t climb.” Climbing Uluru, however, is perfectly legal, and around 60,000 tourists march right past this sign and up the rock each year.

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But after the BBC’s then business editor Robert Peston revealed Northern Rock had asked the Bank of England for emergency financial support, huge queues formed outside branches on September 14 2007, as customers rushed to get their savings out, fearing the bank was about to go bust.

For one, it’s dangerous – more than 35 people have died climbing the 348-metre monolith since tourism kicked off here in the 1940s, and many more have been rescued at great risk and expense, including three Australian tourists who were retrieved last September after falling into a crevice.

It also has an environmental impact, with the soles of climbers’ shoes leaving a path up the rock that is visible for miles.

By 8am on a Tuesday, dozens of people are milling about the car park at the base of the climb.

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When a ranger arrives to open the climb before leading the excellent free daily Mala Walk around the base, a young Australian family makes the first move towards the black chain (installed in 1964 and extended in 1976) that jags up the northwestern face of the rock like an unsightly black scar.

The run on Northern Rock later came to be seen as the moment when the first British victim was felled by the financial crisis that led to austerity.