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17-Aug-2017 10:36

Lee Donghae gives an emotional performance as high school student Lee Jung Woo, the student president who has everything; the girl, the brains, the charms and the looks.

But everything starts falling apart when a rumour leaks that his girlfriend is pregnant.

She makes a lot of mistakes because she isn't book-smart and fans and anti-fans make fun of her all the time.

She tries not to let the comments get to her but no one is made of stone and the comments cut deep. In three months, after 400 years, he can finally leave Earth; however, he has just re-met the girl from 400 years ago.

We learn about his abilities; super hearing, speed, sight, ability to stop time, make objects move, maybe telekinesis.

His character is hilarious in the way that he doesn't react to much of anything. Cheon Song Yi(Jun Jihyun) is an actress, popular but at the same time not popular at all.

It's a little sad to see her vying for attention whether negative or positive. " but more of a "Please just notice that I'm here even if you are mean to me", I feel for her; no one wants to be invisible. Second, we know from the first episode that Min Joon has the chance to return home, E. 12 years ago Min Joon saved a girl who had the face of the girl from 400 years ago and he'd like to meet her again before he leaves. I haven't been this excited for a drama in a long time.

Another note on people feeling invisible, Se Mi(Yoo In Ah's character) is another one to feel sorry for. Sad to say that he already met her, Song Yi, he just didn't recognize her. In the first two episodes we get a hint at the type of chemistry the two could have, we get not one but two shower scenes(I will never complain about that), the two leads live next door (how's that for Fate Min Joon? This is a very beautiful drama and the flashbacks are very well done complete with soft music. Drama, please don't disappoint me half way through!!!! *Feelings are subject to change depending on character's future decisions and actions.

Visto a través de los delicados ojos de una mujer, la película reflexiona sobre la importancia del entrenamiento en el ejército, un lugar al que todos los hombres deben ir con el fin de hacer su servicio militar obligatorio y cuenta como este significado varía según el individuo.Ari del grupo femenino Tahiti y el actor Kim Tae Wan aparecerán en este proyecto.También en las fases posteriores de producción está la película “No Men in This World Can be Trusted” del director Ju Sung Soo, que contará la historia de tres jóvenes que piensan robar un banco para resolver sus inseguridades sobre el futuro, en este episodio actuará Song Seung Hyun de FT Island.En esta ocasión, la película será sobre un estudiante que empieza a propagar rumores extraños en la escuela con el fin de convertirse en el presidente del consejo estudiantil y representar las debilidades de la juventud, la inseguridad y la culpa a la que cada estudiante se enfrenta.

Donghae de Super Junior y Woorin de INY actuará en este episodio.

La producción basada en Busan “An Outing” está siendo dirigida por Kim Ki Mook, quien tiene experiencia en películas independientes y documentales y también ha participado en el proyecto “Project S” de CJ Cultural Foundation.

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