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27-Oct-2017 00:37

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But you must never give in because there are people working long hours every single day to get you the assistance you need. These organizations will also help you with applications for grants, loans and scholarships if you are thinking of furthering your education.

These packages will put money in your hands to help you get things done and improve your life.

That’s why it was also good to see the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau impose tough new restrictions on payday lending.

The new regulations have been under development for five years. ) They limit how much and how often customers can borrow, which is a good start.

But an investigation by Financial Mail into Yes Loans, one of Britain’s biggest unsecured debt brokers, which was formally stripped of its credit licence last week, suggests that British regulators may be struggling to cope.

Chorlton, who died last year, was found to have been diverting funds from the firm, which went into voluntary liquidation in 1997, into his personal bank account.But the regulations face fierce opposition from the payday lending industry, a lobbying force that is part of the real Washington swamp.