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08-Sep-2017 13:43

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"At first it became a way to introduce mutual friends with similar interests to each other, and then the conversations were so much fun and so fascinating that people kept asking me if they could add their own friends into the mix," she says. If someone new wants to join the group, they need to be screened via me or another friend who does the admin, and someone needs to leave in their place." In a great many instances, I've not met some of these women, nor am I likely to.Perhaps that's what makes it easier for members in closed Facebook groups to offload personal problems and present themselves at their most vulnerable, needy and real.

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' There are several well-known women in some of these groups, and for them it's a space to vent and solicit opinion without fear of repercussion.

With Instagram, Whats App and Snapchat becoming more and more popular each day, Facebook's place at the top of the social network pile appears to be under threat.

In fact, reports abound that Facebook could well be toppled entirely: in 2014, one group of Princeton University researchers went so far as to say that Facebook could lose 80pc of its users by 2017.

Within the benevolent confines of Facebook, every status update is fiddled and filtered until it depicts just the right message about its poster.

Facebook is where people curate their personal brands, tweaking them and buffing them to a high shine.

One friend admits that she doesn't even bother with 'the rest' of Facebook anymore, preferring to log on simply to contact the other posters in her secret group.

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